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Everything a tech man need on a breakfast and lunch to launch their day

Techie people have always got the need to have coffee, their phone, and internet connection no matter what, possibly their laptop if their phone isnt enough and a smile 🙂

At Smooth Hosting, we wake up with a smile, work hard to make sure you run smoothly and consume coffee to make sure we operate smoothly too.

We are pizza lovers and we order it once a week for everyone in the office to consume.

But if an emergency calls, then we are happy to take the call and fix the problem you are experiencing – we have methods to keep our pizzas still warm.

Building one server at a time and making sure our networks operate in a timely fashion – we use the latest hardware on our server builds to make sure all of our customers operate at their fastest speeds.

HDD’s, what are they? There’s no need to know, we run all of our servers on SSD’s and NVMe’s to make sure you have 10x speeds compared to old type of hard drives.

Although if you are looking for a dedicated just for storage needs (e.g. Backup server) then we can build one for you for a much lower price, all you have to do is ask 🙂